Everything you need about Microblading!

  1. Have you ever looked at someones eyebrows and thought “God, I wish I had naturally full eyebrows like that!”? Well…today is your lucky day because you are about to learn about a permanent makeup technique that can give you the look of naturally full looking eyebrows! This ground breaking technique is called Microblading and has been growing in popularity over the past several years.
  2. So how exactly does Microblading make your eyebrows look fuller? Microblading is performed by using a hand tool with a thin sharp blade at the end. The brow artist dips the very tip of the blade into pigment and then lightly scratches the surface of the skin in the shape of fine thin strokes to create the look of real brow hair. As a result, your brows appear naturally fuller.
  3. Well what happens if you don’t have any brow hair? Is Micbroblading not a good option then? Absolutely not! Microblading works for anyone that prefers the look of hairlike strokes over the look of powder brow tattooing (another form of permanent makeup that looks like you filled in your brows with a brow powder/pencil).  
  4. Micbroblading works best for clients who have dry to normal skin. Clients with slightly oily skin may still get Microblading with the understanding that the hair strokes won’t look as crisp and may need more frequent touch ups.
  5. Who is Microblading not suited for? There are several contraindications to Microblading such as women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus, or other autoimmune diseases that may make healing difficult from the Microblading procedure. In some cases, it is possible to get clearance from a doctor depending on the circumstance.
  6. All in all, Microblading is a great procedure for anyone that would like to add more definition to their brows without having to use brow pencils/powder every day. Imagine waking up with waterproof/sweatproof beautiful defined brows every morning!? The time saved is worth it in and of itself!